The CCC’s San Francisco Favorites #6: The Winter Weather

Or, should I say the lack of it.  In February, when much of the nation is entrenched is sub-zero temperatures, ice-covered side walks, and multiple layers of foul-weather gear, SF-Bay Area folks head to the beach.  One of our favorites is Pescadero State Beach in Half Moon Bay. Thirty miles south of SF, Half Moon Bay is the quintessential sleepy NorCal coastal town.  A lovely drive down Route 1 with the grand Pacific beside you, Half Moon Bay is a perfect day trip for locals, tourists, and of course, our furry friends.

Miles the Dog on his way to Half Moon Bay.  A dog is never happier than when his head is hanging out a car window.
A walk along the wild (flower) side.  Thanks to El Nino, the wildflowers are gorgeous this year. These are evening primrose growing like crazy in a field of brussle sprouts.
The cliffs at Pescadero are made from sandstone that is more than 20 million years old.
Waves crashing. At low tide, you can explore the many tide pools.
The CCC in her rightful place: enjoying a picnic and Prosecco.  We had the most delicious goat cheese covered in truffles: Il Caprino del Piemonte. Turns any trip to the beach into a special occasion.
Not my best cocktail photo but this Nino Franco prosecco merits attention.  Lots of green apple and honey while still being crisp and dry.
A happy pup. Dogs must be on a lease at all times at Pescadero.
The view from the bluff.  Another delightful winter day in the SF-Bay!

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