Cape Cod Chronicles

I’ll say it: SF in the summertime sucks. It’s cold, windy, grey, and there is absolutely NO summer time culture. That means no outdoor bar-b-ques, no balmy nights, no cocktail cruises.  Perhaps most depressing is that my family and friends on the East Coast all gather together for regular outdoor bar-b-ques, balmy nights, and cocktail cruises.  What is a sad CCC to do? Buy a plane ticket and get myself there!  My most recent Cape Cod visit was particularly joyful because my husband, Brian, joined me, we celebrated my sister’s marriage to her, now, wonderful husband, Drew, and I was there for 12 days! Yay!

Our vacation started with the wedding week-end.  Drew and Joanna hosted 100 family and friends at Drew’s parents’ lovely home complete with gorgeous gardens and a refurbished barn.

joanna and drew wedding
Joanna, in her gorgeous wedding dress, with hubhub, Drew. I had the honor of helping Joanna choose the dress at L’Elite Boston. It was a hit with all the ladies at the party!
Joanna and Drew get hitched! Their good friend, Matt Grant, officiated.
EM and Lauren at wedding
The CCC with our friend, Lauren. Joanna and Lauren went to high school together. She has not changed one bit and was the most fashionable woman at the wedding (aside from the bride, of course!).

After a week-end of wedding festivities, Brian and I spent most days fishing on Lavinia, my mother’s 17-foot Boston Whaler.

Brian heading out on boat
Nowhere is Brian happier than on a boat.
blue fin
We caught mostly bluefish (ick … not so good to eat) and a few striped bass. We released everything we caught. It’s ironic that neither Brian or I like to eat fish given how much we enjoy catching them!

Of course, it wasn’t all fishing.  We also celebrated the Fourth of July marina style! Drew, the true Cape Codder that he is, organized a boat parade where our patriotism was on display ever so mightly.

Joanna and Paul
Joanna with her good friend, Paul (and the brother we never had) get ready to decorate our boats.
fourth of july ladies
Cool rocking mamas in the USA…
Lee most patriotic
If Uncle Sam had a sister it would be Lady Liberty Lee.
My nephew, Jason, asked me if his outfit was dorky. There is nothing dorky about the Red, White, and Blue. (Photo by Joanna.)
EM America Proud
Although I live in San Francisco where patriotism is nearly illegal, I am still proud to be American-made!

All that patriotism and fishing makes a girl tired. Time for cocktails! Kingman Marina is the premier spot to keep your boat in the summer months. It is a full-service marina but perhaps more importantly, home to The Chart Room – Megansett’s quintessential Cape Cod eatery and the best Mud Slide you will ever drink, ever, in the world.

Chart room
Two Mud Slides please. Don’t they look refreshing?
em and mud slide
Another perfect Cape Cod day!

Thank you to Cape Cod and to all my family and friends there.  You are the perfect antidote to the San Francisco Summer!

P.S. For those of you disinclined to believe I can actually fish, press play…. 😉

2 thoughts on “Cape Cod Chronicles

  1. That’s a Bluefish – which is icky. Blue Fin, which is a tuna, is prized sushi and certainly not icky! Excellent entry – thanks for posting. We do get bluefin around here – but not in Buzzards Bay where you fished.

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