NYC part 2: A Tribute to Good Friends.

On my Spring 2015 pilgrimage to NYC, I had the best intentions of artfully documenting all of our cultural excursions with a few pics of the cocktails thrown in for good measure.  And, indeed, I thought I was doing this. However, in reviewing my photos when I returned home, I discovered my documentation was heavy on the cocktails, light on the culture.  So, you will just have to take me at my word that Jacob Lawrence’s The Migration Series at the MoMa was mind-blowing and  Wendy Wasserstein’s “The Heidi Chronicles” is still relevant to women today, because I have no photographic evidence to share.

What my photos did reflect was what a super-fun – might I even say, rockstar – time I had with my two wonderful friends, Aimee and Kiki and their fantastic spouses, German and Scott. So, this edition of the CCC is a tribute to the good friends who love us in spite of ourselves!

Our fun started at the Baccarat Hotel aka The CCC’s Heaven.  I have never been in such opulence while being treated with such loving kindness.  I am not kidding. The Baccarat staff really IS happy to see you and they really DO care that you have a good time.  By the time we left, I wanted to hug everyone.

Baccarat hotel window
The view from the Baccarat window. Trippy.
EM in the fur chair
The CCC in a (faux) fur-covered chair. So not camping.
Kiki and the fur chair
Kiki enjoying her fur chair with a bloody mary, of course. Did you know that the bloody mary is the official cocktail of the CCC?
bathroom door handle
Even the door handles in the ladies’ room are fancy.

After several hours of luxuriating at the Baccarat, Kiki and I headed out to meet our dear friend, Aimee, at the theater for The Heidi Chronicles.  When this wonderful show was over we went to (guess what?) another bar!

lambs club
Aimee and Kiki at The Lambs Club where it was not the bartender’s pleasure to serve us! Perhaps he was having a bad day or perhaps we annoyed him? Still, it’s hard to be too upset about bad service when I am at a bar with Kiki and Aimee.

After The Lambs Club, it was time for a rest and then preparations for our night out on the town. And yes, of course, some champagne.

EM enjoying the view
The CCC enjoys the view and some Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs – perfect for late afternoon sipping.
Kiki and Scott
Scott and Kiki on their Tribeca Terrace. A very happy couple.

Feeling relaxed and refreshed, we headed out to meet Aimee and German at The Conrad, our home away from home for the evening.

German and Aimee
German and Aimee ready for a night out!
Kiki and Marlow
Kiki with my delightful nephew, Marlow. Marlow is a PhD student in Slavic studies at Columbia (he got a scholarship). He speaks Russian fluently and is learning Georgian and Ukranian as well. Yes, I am bragging.

After drinks and snacks at the Conrad, German brought us to the dance club, Gonzalez y Gonzalez. I was fearful that my terrible dancing would make everyone run away. Happily, I could get lost in the crush of super coordinated Latin dancers and quietly do my “Tall Woman Dance”, as Kiki once called it, against a wall. (Oh, and yes, margaritas were drunk. Tequila shots were done.)

EM and German
German and me after the club and too many tequila shots. I love this pic because it just says, “fun!”
unhappy cabdriver
I call this photo, “Unhappy Cabdriver” because that’s what the cab driver was – unhappy at having to drive five overly tipsy adults home.

It’s true the next day, we were not at our best. The pounding head and upset tum were worth it given all the fun we had the night before – when do you ever say that about a hangover?  Fresh air would be our cure. We headed to the New York Botanical Gardens for healing natural beauty.  If you have never been, the gardens are really a must see – anytime of year.

orchids kiki and scott
Kiki and Scott in the Orchid room.
orchids aimee and german
German and Aimee. I am so thrilled that both Aimee and Kiki found such wonderful husbands and partners in life.
tulip magnolia trees
The magnolia trees were out in full force. What a needed sight after our crazy night and the horrible winter for our friends in the Northeast.
tulip magnolia last image
A tulip magnolia close up. If that does not heal you, I don’t know what will.

Thank you wonderful friends for the happy memories! May there be many more tributes to you in the future!

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