Fog City Fun!

I love guests! It is a pleasure for me to show visiting friends and family around my beloved city and most favorite state. For a long time and to this day, I insist that all guests visit Alcatraz.  The boat ride to the island offers a different perspective of the city and the bay. The history of Alcatraz is fascinating – you MUST do the superlative audio tour. The National Park Service is constantly renovating and expanding the buildings you can visit. The gift shop is excellent. 😉  If those weren’t reasons enough, I recently discovered a new one – Fog City. Formerly known as the Fog City Diner, the restaurant and bar were recently renovated and Fog City is now an intergral part of the CCC’s Tour of Alcatraz.  I was thrilled to be able to take my sister, Annie, and her boyfriend, John there after our day on The Rock.

But first, a few pics of Alcatraz…it must be done.

Selfies – so much more fun with besties.
Sisters. Alcatraz is always a bit chilly and windy so dress appropriately.
As a nurse practitioner for the San Francisco County Jails, I can honestly say that “the cell” has not changed much. They are still small and dingy.
The doctor will see you now. When you visit Alcatraz do not miss the recently re-opened hospital building. From the clinic to the psychiatric isolation cells, you will leave with the creeps.
A snowy egret in a garden on the north-west side of the island. Alcatraz is a bird sanctuary for all kinds of seabirds.
FINALLY! We arrive at Fog City! Located on the Embarcadero at 1300 Battery Street, the original Fog City Diner opened on this spot in 1985.
Most of the space in Fog City is taken up by a long, circular bar. Is there a more perfect perch for the CCC? No, there is not.
The Best Bloody Mary (for the CCC); Brown liquor of some variety for Annie and John; a Sam Adams for fun.
The food is also delicious. Bar food with a California Hipster twist.
Should be I concerned that I look tipsy in most of my blog posts? Hmmm….No.

Feel Tipsy. Visit Fog City!

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