Adventures with Claire and Julia: No. 3 – Safari West and In-N-Out Burger

On Claire and Julia’s last full day of their trip (sad face), we took a trip to Safari West in Sonoma.  Located on 400 acres of gorgeous wine country, Safari West is home to more than 90 species of African wildlife.  Safari West is also a breeding center for endangered birds.  Founded in 1993 by Nancy and Peter Lang, Safari West is committed to the well-being and preservation exotic animals and birds.  Conservation through education is a primary goal of Safari West and one of its educational mainstays is a fantastic three-hour tour of the property in open-air four-wheel drive land rovers and jeeps. You can also spend the night on the property in luxury tents complete with hot showers and hardwood floors – the smidge of roughing it every cocktail camper desires.

1 Safari West Group Shot
My parents, Bev and Tom, were able to join us for this adventure. Here Tom, Bev, Claire, and Julia wait to board the truck for our tour.
2 Flamingos
Flamingos. Their name comes from the Portugese word, “flamengo” meaning “the color of flame”. They are social creatures and their colonies can number in the thousands. These large groups help with protection and the sharing of scare resources. Safari West has greater and lesser flamingos both from Africa but these elegant creatures also live in Central and South America. I love their long, skinny legs! I wish mine were so slender.
3 Impala
This gorgeous being is a male Impala (male because he has horns). Impalas can leap to heights of 10 feet and cover distances of more than 30 feet with one jump. The impala is the envy of professional basketball players everywhere.
4 ostrich
A female ostrich on the move. These flightless birds have been around since the Early Miocene period, meaning at least 14 million years. According the fossil record, the ostrich has not changed very much from the Miocene to today. In seeing this ostrich I felt like I was connecting to the history of the world.
5 Zebra
I just love the Zebras! I could spend hours staring at their stripes. So trippy.
6 Giraffes
Who doesn’t love giraffes! With their long graceful necks, sweet eyes, and funny ears, the giraffes are a favorite of visitors to Safari West.

After our Safari adventure, we were, of course, famished.  Julia and Claire had never been to In-N-Out Burger and requested we stop at the one in Mill Valley.  When I learned that my parents also had never been to the best burger place in the world, dinner there was mandatory.  If you have never been to In-N-Out, it is well worth a trip. They only make a few things: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, the famous “Double Double” (two cheeseburgers under one bun), french fries, and milkshakes.  May I recommend the following menu: 1) The Double Double; 2) French Fries; and 3) Vanilla milkshake.  You will not be dissapointed.

6 Julia and Claire at In and Out
Julia (left) and Claire (right) enjoying their cheeseburgers, In-N-Out style.
7 EM enjoys In-n-Out
I used think that I was never happier then when I was at a bar drinking with friends. Now I think I might never be happier than when I am eating In-N-Out with my wonderful neice, Claire, and her lovely friend, Julia. What a charmed life I do lead.

2 thoughts on “Adventures with Claire and Julia: No. 3 – Safari West and In-N-Out Burger

  1. That trip looks like more fun than a barrel of monkeys! As far as your legs sis, they are long and slender. The flamingos have nothing on you!

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