The Hang-Over Cure

As the CCC, I preach the responsible enjoyment of all alcoholic libations. However… Sometimes my best laid plans for moderation go awry especially when I have two fabulous friends in town ready for a night out.  Recently, my friends, Kiki and Sue, traveled to SF for business.  How lucky was I that they cleared their schedules for an evening of conversation and cocktails with me!

Our festitivies started at the bar at the Four Seasons, or “4S” as we like to call it and ended with dinner at Scala’s.  The 4S is a lovely place and a perfect meet-up for ladies as fancy as Kiki and Sue but it’s not a go-to place for me generally.  While the service and selection are excellent, it doesn’t have the San Francisco flavor that I love so much – too many men in sport coats with Blackberries and absolutely no hipsters!  Still, we managed to enjoy ourselves thanks to delicious Sidecars, delightful bubbly, and excellent conversation.

The highlight of the evening was our late supper at Scala’s Bistro. Scala’s is quintessentially SF. The food is tasty and Italian (are those two words synonyms?) and Natalie, the maitre’d, is the most glamorous, charming person in town.  She always greets you with a hug, a smile, and a “how are you, Dah-ling?”. You’ll leave Scala’s feeling full AND like a celebrity.  Whether you are local or from afar, I recommend a trip to Scala’s – a true San Francisco Treat!

Needless to say, when the Scala’s staff turned the overhead lights on full blast, we knew it was time to depart. The pain we would experience the next morning was far, far, far from our minds.

Ladies night with Sue and Kiki
Selfies at the 4S. Why was I suprised my head hurt so much the next day? (NOTE: Uber was our designated driver for the evening. While our livers may disagree, we still maintained the CCC’s rigourous standard of responsible imbibement.)

I managed to get through the morning with motrin, caffiene, water, and the excitement of getting to spend the afternoon with Kiki!  While no marathons would be run, we knew some time outside followed by a late lunch would put us right.  The Presidio with its beautiful views and easy walking paths was the place for us.

Eucalyptus grove
There’s nothing like a walk through a grove of eucalyptus to clear your head. The Presidio, first Indian land then Spanish and U.S. military bases, is full of eucalyptus, lending a clean and soothing fragrance to the park.
Tree Line
Wood Line. The gracefully placed row of eucalyptus trunks is an installation by the artist, Andy Goldsworthy. It’s calming to walk along this path and ponder how the artist was able to perfectly align the trunks.
View from Inspiration Point
Our next stop was the Presidio’s Inspiration Point. How can one not be inspired?
Spire, another Andy Goldsworthy installation, is a short walk from Inspiration Point. Goldsworthy created Spire in 2008 of aging cypress trees cleared to make space for new cypress plantings. It stands over 90-feet tall but will eventually be obscured by the now young, but growing, cypresses.
Tree Bark 1
Spire Close-up 1.
Tree Bark 2
Spire Close-Up 2. (Can you say, “artsy”?)
Comissary Sign
With our heads and livers clearing, it was time for lunch! The Commissary is Traci Des Jardins‘ newest restaurant. How could we go wrong with the words, “kitchen” and “bar”, on the sign!
Entering Commissary
Located in the Presidio’s former Officer’s Club, The Commissary offers California fare with a Spanish twist. Kiki entering the restaurant. She, smartly, refused to be photographed from the front for this posting.
Did you really think we wouldn’t have a cocktail? A lager for me and some sort of smoky brandy drink with coffee beans for Kiki. A little hair of the dog… The food was very satisfying with a great charcuterie and cheese plate, olives, country-style pate and lots of buttery, crispy bread.
EM with Beer
Feeling better by the minute! A lovely afternoon with a good friend truly is the best hang-over cure. And, my rough start to the day was well worth the wonderful evening I had with Kiki and Sue. Thanks Ladies for bringing a some glamour and fun to my life!

4 thoughts on “The Hang-Over Cure

  1. I wish I could have looked as chipper as you do when I was your age and had “enjoyed myself” as much as it looks like you did!

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