The CCC’s San Francisco’s Favorites #2: Ocean Beach

When I need a mini-vacation, there’s no better escape than to Ocean Beach. At the western edge of San Francisco, Ocean Beach is where the sand crunches beneath my feet and the Pacific’s waves crash beside me – possibly two of the most calming sounds ever! Recently, my mom, Bev, and I took a walk along the 3.5 mile beach to enjoy the sounds and sights of the beach, one of San Francisco’s treasures.

With the ever changing waves before you, Ocean Beach is a perfect place for contemplation and relaxation.
A surfer warming up and surveying the waves. Many surfers choose to live in the nearby neighborhoods, the Outer Sunset and the Outer Richmond, to be close to the beach.
fast walker
Walkers and runners alike love Ocean Beach. San Franciscans have been enjoying the beach even more this fall with all the sunny, warm weather. Normally, Ocean Beach is known for its foggy, cool days.
The Ocean Beach Fisherman, a species of urban fisherman. Not quite sure what they catch but these guys are here every day.
Of course, our furry friends love the beach too!
birds 1
There a quite a few interesting shore birds to see along the beach. These, I believe, are called Heermann’s Gulls with a distinctive black-tipped bill. They peck at the ground for food at the water’s edge.
birds 2
When the wave crashes into the shore, the gulls fly away, landing a few moments later when the water is calmer.
birds 3
More gulls in flight.
cliff house view
A view of the beach with Seal Rocks (on the left) and the Cliff House restaurant on the right. From 1926 to 1972, Ocean Beach was home to the amusement park, Playland. At its height, thousands of visitors came to Playland every day to enjoy the beachside park and it’s delicious food. In fact, Playland was where SF’s Famous “It’s It” ice cream sandwich was born! Now there are condos where Playland used to be but you can still visit the Cliff House and take in the dramatic views imagining what the area might have been like almost a century ago. (To see some fun old photos of Ocean Beach click here!)
mom resting
Bev taking a break from our walk.
busy restaurant
Of course, no CCC excursion is complete without some sort of gustatory experience! After our walk, my mom and I visited the restaurant, Outerlands. Recently remodeled, Outerlands is a lovely and warm boite located a few blocks from Ocean Beach. Like most new restaurants in SF, Outerlands serves sustainable and tasty fare.
waiting for a table
Waiting for a table at Outerlands. Once inside, we enjoyed the tomato panzarella salad, an open-faced beef brisket sandwich and cafe au lait. A perfect post-beach lunch.
long view last photo
Thank you Ocean Beach for giving SF denizens so much beauty and respite. (And of course, tourists are always welcome!)



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