Fourth of July on the American River

This Fourth of July, Brian and I loaded up the Toyota Highlander with our favorite goodies and libations and headed to the American River. We were ready to escape the San Francisco Fog for some fly-fishing, cocktailing, and warm, sunny weather.

Brian makes a drink.
Brian smiling as he makes us this week-end’s signature cocktail, The American River Spritzer. Pour prosecco (our favorite is La Marca available at Safeway Stores), sparking lemonade, and a splash of club soda over ice.  Enjoy!  (Remember, part of enjoying the California cocktail camping lifestyle is drinking responsibly. Falling-down drunks are such a bore. Absolutely NO drinking and driving.)

The American River was an important part of the Califonia Gold rush. Gold miners often used explosives to divert parts of the river creating a dry river bed that made mining for gold much easier. The lure of gold riches brought many men seeking fortune to the American River. At the Gold Rush’s height more than 10,000 people lived along the river’s banks.

Today, the American River is place to fly-fish for wild trout and enjoy a little bit of paradise.  Brian and I love to escape here for the warm weather, peace, beauty, quiet, and of course, the excellent fishing!

Enjoying a cocktail by the river.
Enjoying an American River Spritzer with the pristine American River in the background.
our lake view. It's private and all ours.
The beautiful pool along on the American River. The water is about 55 degrees fahrenheit. A (very) quick dip in the lake is a perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day.
Enjoying a cocktail.
All cooled off and enjoying another American River Spritzer (responsibly, of course). I love this bathing suit too! It’s perfect for the relatively fit middle-aged lady who can no longer rock a string bikini (what a sad thought).
Brian in the kitchen.
Brian standing proud in the outdoor kitchen.

Our American River campground contributes that “smidge of roughing it” appreciated by the cocktail camper.  This means that the campground is rough but not too rough!  It has a great outdoor kitchen with several grills, a sink with running water, and lots of counter space.  Brian is a master of the grill and always makes sure we have plenty of delicious food to accompany our tasty cocktails.

“How can I practice the cocktail camping lifestyle?” you may be asking yourself.  It’s easy. You just need a few staple items as the foundation of your cocktail camping fun. Below are some items we are never without during our cocktail camping adventures.

We never leave home with out Coleman coolers...
We never leave home without our Coleman coolers. Two coolers are critical. You will have plenty of space for your favorite foods and drinks. AND most important, lots and lots of ice. Important for cocktails but also hydration!
Always filled with h2o.
This 5-gallon Coleman cooler is ALWAYS full of fresh water and ice.  We fill it up before we leave home.  Water is key in the hot weather and when enjoying cocktails.  You can never bring too much water.
the highlander....
Our trusty Toyota Highlander.  It’s easy to load and unpack with room for all our cocktail camping gear.  It makes the drive down to the river with ease and cleans up nicely too!
camp shower...
Ahh, the solar shower.  How wonderful to rinse yourself off with clean, fresh, and warm water after spending the day fishing in the river and applying coat after coat of sunscreen!  A perfect way to look fresh and lovely for dinner.

What’s next on our cocktail camping agenda this summer?  More trips to the American River for sure! Stay tuned for more signature cocktails, delicious dinners, and roughing it (just a little bit) in the glorious state of California!

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